She Quitted Her Job to Become A Spammer, Hilda Inspires Many Other Women to Be More Active on Social Media

iniSURABAYA – Bragging about your feelings or daily life events on social media is now no longer a bad idea. These 9 netizens for example, are a proof that they can easily gone viral on internet just by frequently spamming on their social media, that’s the reason why they’re well-known as the ‘spammer’.

The habit of spamming on Instagram had their accounts flooded by bunch of followers. That also brought some commercial product owners to propose for product endorsement through their posts.

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“Now I don’t need a piece of paper or a book anymore to write a diary. I could just post them online then I will get noticed and receive various responses from my followers,” Bunga said, Saturday (5/12/2017).

The owner of @kakaboo.kollection also said that despite the good things she experienced as a viral spammer, sometimes there’s also unpleasant moment she had to face.

“When I read negative comments from my followers I feel so distressed,” said she, during the Meet & Greet event of Creamii Candy and 9 spammers in Atrium of Ciputra World Mall Surabaya.

Whereas Clarice, the owner of @claricecutie admitted that she enjoyed her activity as a spammer pretty much, “I got more good feedbacks rather than the bad ones. For instance, being a spammer brought me to Surabaya today,” said the girl who’s also a presenter of national TV station.

According to the spammers, many things in daily life that can be used for their social media post materials, “Sharing about my daily life brings benefit to myself, at least it can be my stress reliever. I will be more excited if I get some responses or more over supports from my followers,” uttered Cleyvia the owner of @ewrempong.

Among these 9 spammers, Hilda @keikospams, is the only adult, “At first I spam only in my spare time, because I was working back then,” said the woman who began to be a spammer since June 2017.

Hilda saw the great potential and tempting income she might get from the product endorsement, then she resigned from her job and chose to focus on becoming a spammer, “I only spam after Keiko fell asleep,” said she.

She’s becoming more enthusiastic as she got a lot of positive responses from other Instagram users, “I never thought that being a mother could still brought me loads of followers and supports,” she added.

The most exciting part, she continues, her activity as a spammer is also inspire other women around her age , “I heard a lot of stories from them. Those women around my age, who at first felt shy to spam became more encouraged right after saw me frequently spamming on my social media,”

In Indonesia, Meet & Greet with the viral spammers kind of event is held for the first time, “Through this event, we wanted to let people know that social media activities are not always bad. But parents’ guidance is indeed important to help their children use the internet properly and could bring positive benefit to them,” stated Clement Christanto, event organizer of Meet & Greet Creamii Candi and 9 Spammers.

In addition, through this event he wished to broaden the people’s knowledge and encourage them to be more creative to apply social media in their daily life, “With social media we can also get connected to many people, though they live thousand miles apart from us,” said the man who is also well-known as John. sum

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