‘Mie Like This’, The Colourful Noodles ala Topline Cafe Chef

iniSURABAYA – Noodles, everyone in this entire world knows this dish. It can be cooked in any kinds of dishes even often becomes fast food.

According to this fact, Topline café initiated to make a special menu made of noodles. Not just because it’s delicious, the menu which named ‘Mie Like This’ also claimed to be a healthy dish.

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‘Mie Like This’ is favorable for its natural ingredients and also harmless for digestion, “Even though this noodles is healthy, but if it cooked with the wrong way and wrong ingredients of course will make it taste different or even turns out bitter,” Said Fatoni as the Executive Chef of Topline Café.

In addition, Chef Fatoni revealed the secret of the making of ‘Mie Like This’. First of all prepare the ingredients such as 500gr of flour, 1 egg, 200ml of water, ½ teaspoon of salt and red dragon fruit as mixed ingredients for the noodles.

For a start, blend the red dragon fruit then filter it before mix with egg and salt. Next, mix with the flour, stir it until it mixed well then put it into the noodle grinder machine.

After that, the noodles is ready to be boiled, “Boil the noodle for at least one minute. Then drain it well before put it on the plate,” he explained.

According to Chef Fatoni, ‘Mie Like This’ can be made into different colours, such as pink, green, orange or even black. There are some flavours in ‘Mie Like This’, they are Sambal Matah, Salted egg, Sauce cheese and Sambal bawang.

For the serving, prepare a bowl then pour 20gr of onion oil, 2gr of salt, 1gr of sugar and pepper. Then put the noodle, stir well before placing the noodles on the bowl,” he continued

As a complement, Chef Fatoni added, put some fresh lettuce and fried chicken then add Sambal matah on to it then at last add fried onion.

“For the pink noodles, we use the red dragon fruit. This fruit has a lot of benefits and can be good for diet,” he uttered

Besides, according to Chef Fatoni, the red dragon fruit can also help detoxification process, prevent from cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart attack, it also can increase the immune systems and even able to help digestion problems, “ For one portion of ‘Mie Like This’ only costs 35.000++ IDR,” said he.

Chef Fatoni said that ‘Mie Like This’ is one of the most recommended menu by our customers in Topline Café. A restaurant which part of Pop! Hotel Diponegoro Surabaya was founded since 2018, “Topline Café is a modern-minimalist-designed café that merged with the teenager’s ambience of Pop! Hotel to fulfill the millennials’ needs in order to follow the current trend,” Said Chef Fatoni firmly. sum

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