This Is Why You Should Not Call Indonesian Deaf People ‘Hearing Impaired’

iniSURABAYA – Sign language apparently has a lot of benefit for the hotel staffs. Because nowadays, many hotels received the customers with hearing loss disabilities.

Looking from this phenomenon, the management of a four star hotel Best Western Papilio Hotel Surabaya held a short sign language workshop for their operational and office staffs. There were around 30 staffs joining and enthusiastically paying attention to the sharing session by Indonesian Sign Language Community and The Unspoken Ministry.

The event that held in Best Western Papilio Hotel Surabaya, at the same day of the International Sign Language Day on Friday (9/28/2018). The main goal is to improve their soft skill and to train their staffs to learn sign language. Not just learning sign language using both hands, these staffs are also introduced to deaf culture, for example communicating through the internet.

“In order to be able to communicate with each other, they would prefer to use video call rather than chat application or text message,” explained Ika Irawan, mentor of the Indonesian Sign Language Community (Bisindo).

In addition, Ika Irawan or so-called Wawan said that people with hearing loss disability prefer to addressed as ‘deaf’ rather than ‘hearing impaired’

“They consider the name that given by the normal sense of hearing people are not quite right for the deafs,” stated Ika who at that time was accompanied by Mufti from The Unspoken Ministry as her sign language interpreter.

Other than Bisindo, Best Western Papilio Hotel Surabaya also taught the staffs shortly about ASL (American Sign Language) which most likely to be the international standard sign language and mostly used by the deaf all over the world. sum

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