DJ Weird Genius Amused Clubbers With Electro-Ethnic Collaboration On Mix It Up Stage

iniSURABAYA – Have you ever heard of a combination masterpiece between electro music and traditional instruments like gamelan, kendang and reog? Club 360 Surabaya clubbers had witnessed such magnificent collaboration that performed on Mix It Up, Thursday (11/15).

Mix It Up, has proved a harmony could be created by a great combination of local culture taste through music and cocktail. As a consequence, Eka Gustiwana, Reza Oktovian and Billy Taner, a group of trio named DJ Weird Genius together with a mixologist, Arey Baker could break the ice till the end of the event.

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“Aside of doing the tour in several cities in East Java, we’re also exploring the uniqueness of the sound of Surabaya city itself, we saw many reog and gamelan performances. From the show, we inspired to put them into our tracks we create,” said DJ Eka Gustiwana.

DJ Weird Genius were introducing their masterpiece which inspired by a local wisdom of the cities in East Java. “And we didn’t forget to put the typical greetings by the locals like ‘Piye Kabare’ which means how are you with a little bit accent of Eastern Javanese,” he emphasized.

Whilst Reza added, combining the idea for Smirnoff Mix It Up made him realised that Indonesia indeed has a wonderfully various cultures. “By the unlimited creativity, it can be mixed into a remarkable EDM track,” he uttered.

Mix It Up Nights which has started since October 17th 2018 in Platinum Yogyakarta performing DJ Osvaldorio, continued on November 3rd 2018 in Medan performing DJ Putri Una then in Surabaya, Club 360, DJ Weird Genius was performing with Arey Baker on Thursday (11/15).

Mix It Up will still be visiting some more cities in Indonesia till June 2019. Kartika Ayu, one of the performer, will be playing her tracks in Envie Bali, November 30th 2018.

Weird Genius will also be performing in Sobers, Bandung on December 1st 2018.

“In each tour destination, Smirnoff along with the DJs and mixologist will release dance track and cocktail which represents the city itself,” Explained Rheina Ariestia, Representative of IRIS Jakarta for Smirnoff Indonesia. sum

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