‘Jam Satu’, A Trio Painters of Pop Art and Abstract Show Off At Fairfield

iniSURABAYA – ‘Time’, being seen or not it will still be ticking. Being respected or not it will keep on moving because of its commitment and responsibility.

“And time is never going backward!” stated Juniarto Dwi Nugroho.

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Based on the philosophy about time mentioned before, Juniarto with two of his painter friends Andiek Eko and Misgieyanto, who are also affiliated in a painter community called Komunitas Perupa Delta (Komperta) are holding a painting exhibition in Fairfield Hotel by Marriott Surabaya.

The paintings from the trio painters are showing from Tuesday (11/20) to January 20, 2019. A painting exhibition which entitled ‘Jam Satu’ is entirely presenting pop art and abstract style.

“’Jam Satu’ is actually an abbreviation of our names, Juniarto, Andiek and Misgeiyanto. If we take the first letter and put it together in order it becomes ‘jam’ which means time,” said Andiek.

The opening of the painting exhibition was started off with a ‘ritual’ by Kus Andi the Marketing Communication Manager of Fairfield Hotel by Marriott Surabaya, he drew number two in blue a brush then passed it to the trio painters till it forms a magnificent masterpiece.

“The number two refers to the age of Hotel Fairfield, it was built 2 years ago, and blue itself resembles corporate identity of Fairfield Hotel. We really support local artists to produce more masterpiece by providing a space for them,” said Kus Andi.

An exhibition which held to celebrate the National Hero’s Day and also The Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday is expected to create an atmosphere of love and togetherness, for the arts lovers, hotel guests or even the artists.

“I hope these masterpiece can give some inspiration and motivation for the society,” hoped Kus Andi .

In this chance a senior painter, Mas Dibyo, also attended the painting exhibition inauguration. A painter from Pacitan who became the first Indonesian that held a painting exhibition in Korea also reminded the young fellow painters to keep improving their self-quality.

“A painter is not just have a good personality. But also have to be able to be good in management and marketing,” he stated. sum

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