K-Pop Dance, Show Achievement not only in Academic Studies

iniSURABAYA – Yello Hotel Jemursari Surabaya drop-off lobby area on Sunday (18/10/28) was very crowded. Hundreds of young people with various attributes waiting for their turn to appear on the main stage.

The support from the audience made the participants of “K-Pop Competition 2” more enthusiastic and attractive in carrying out the movements they had trained in the past few days.

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‘K-Pop Competition 2’ was held following the success of a similar activity at the end of July 2018. A total of 250 participants was divided into 20 Dance Cover teams, and 15 participants Sing Cover.

“Through this activity we want to show that achievements can be obtained not only from the academic studies,” said Arini Pramesty SD from the A + Blue team.

Arini added that the activities she carried out with her friends who had the same fondness for Korean Pop (K-Pop) also gives an opportunity to learn about togetherness.

“Because if we don’t synchronize our choreography, it looks chaotic and unattractive,” added Egah Cahyasari, a member of the A + Blue team who is still in third grade at SMA Jatiagung, Sidoarjo.

The four members of the A + Blue team are indeed diverse educational backgrounds. Besides Arini and Egah who are still high school students, the other two, Elza Mareta and Gigil Noffendy are already college students.

“We met via Facebook. We routinely meet based on our agreement. Is not always on Saturday-Sunday. We can meet and practice together other than on Saturday-Sunday,” said Gigil.

Andromeda personnel also claimed that their togetherness began with a ‘meeting’ on Facebook’s social media network. “After exploring each character, we finally agreed to form this group,” said Yenny, Andromeda’s leader.

Yenny, also said that the members of Andromeda also joined other K-Pop dance groups. “But from the beginning we agreed that we could manage our time, and still be active in our respective activities,” she said.

Communication is the main key to Andromeda’s togetherness. “The matter of the training was decided from our agreement by considering our houses that are far from each other,” said Rara Dinanti R, an Andromeda member who is still in the 3rd grade Junior High School. ana

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