K-Pop Fans Raise Funds at the Event ‘K-Pop Competition 2’ at Yello Hotel Jemursari

iniSURABAYA – Seems like there’s endless euphoria to Korean Pop even until today.

It’s proven by how every competition held at K-Pop there will be many people that anticipate and would participate in the competition. That also became the management background of Yello Hotel Jemursari Surabaya for held another ‘K-Pop Competition Vol. 2 ‘in the drop off the lobby area on Sunday (10/28/2018).

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The competition, which was divided into two categories of Dance Cover and Sing Cover was participated by 235 participants from various regions. Apart from Surabaya, participants who were divided into 20 Dance Cover teams and 15 Sing Cover participants, there’s also a participant that came from Sidoarjo, Malang, Blitar and Tulungagung.

K-Pop Competition Vol. 2 ‘is divided into four sessions so participants can prepare themselves in order to perform optimally. Moreover, the judging process will be easier.

The atmosphere becomes lively when group dance Yours and Virgo attend during the event. These two dance groups have been in the K-Pop world since 2012 and won various kinds of awards.

The difference from the previous K-Pop Competition is K-Pop Competition Vol. 2 ‘is a charity event for victims in Central Sulawesi.

“We agreed that 10 percent of the total registration fee and food & beverage transactions in this activity will be donated to charitable institutions to be distributed to victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Central Sulawesi,” said Ita Tania, Hotel Manager of Yello Hotel Jemursari.

Furthermore, the committee also invited the audience to participate in the donation. “We will go around to collect donations from the audience,” she said.

Ita has also emphasized, “Through this activity we embrace young people to be with us to give support and enthusiasm to rise.”

While Aris Luhur, Event Coordinator of Yello Hotel Jemursari stated, there are many positive sides to be taken from this activity, one of which is cultural acculturation.

“We can study the culture of other countries without eliminating Indonesian culture. Young people can also learn to master the Korean language that will increase knowledge and insight and can master foreign languages, ” said Luhur. ana

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