Rajakelana Released in Double LP in Japan for Rp 650.000

iniSURABAYA – Mondo Gascaro, an Indonesian movie composer, will release his debut album entitled ‘Rajakelana’ on November 3rd 2018. As a matter of fact, it has been launched in 2016 after separating from Indie Sore.

The difference is on the format, the new ‘Rajakelana’ will be presented in Double LP with gatefold packaging. It’s even released in vinyl format which the recording was happen to be in Japan just right on the Record Day Japan 2018 celebration.

Through the press release sent to inisurabaya.com, Monday (10/29/2018), the album release in Japan is a working collaboration between Production Dessinee and Ivy League Music.

The album that has been mentioned as the best album in 2016 by Tempo magazine was released to the market along with the other 150 albums of Japanese musicians. Namely, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Tokyo Ska Paradise, Kirinju, Kent Funuyama and some songs from the Ghibli Movie themed album.

“On the same date, I’ll fly to Japan to perform and do the signing session.” Said the singer whose real name is Gascaro Ramondo.

Also, the album named Rajakelana is sold for 4.500 Yen (around Rp 650.000) in Japan. Not just because it has the premium Japan standard packaging, Mondo’s vinyl is one of the most awaited masterpiece by music lovers in the land of Sakura.

Mondo also presented ‘April’ as another masterpiece which had been released on April 20th. He explained that the song, April, is telling about some best moments in his life and also symbolises the coming of new hope. sum

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