This is what Han Yoora Maintain When Posting on Social Media


Han Yoora

iniSURABAYA – As a YouTuber with many followers, Han Yoora realized that every action was always watched by hundreds of thousands of fans. Therefore, this girl from South Korea who lives in Indonesia does not want to give wrong information when posting information on the social media network.

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During her 13 years in Indonesia, Han Yoora claimed to have been posted on YouTube, both related to beauty products and about culture. “Culture is not only a matter of Korea, but also the Indonesian culture that I saw while I was in Indonesia so that my friends in Korea also know how Indonesia is,” said Yoora to some time ago.

The same thing she did to introduce her country’s culture to her fans in Indonesia. “A lot of YouTubers, since they want to gain popularity, they post trends that are made up, and not what actually happens. That’s why I always try to be honest, what is there is an original or contrived trend, “she explained.

Han Yoora who had a vacuum to take a complete break due to hypothyroid, confirmed that she wanted to have a positive impact on each of her posts on YouTube. “I don’t want to be alay, just because I want to get attention from the K-Pop fans,” she said.

As a YouTuber, this 26-year-old girl who is known with the nickname ‘Onnie Cetar’ because of her style that tends to be ‘cablak’ and not ‘jaim’.

Han Yoora’s action received a lot of attention from netizens because she seemed to be talkative in her speaking style, especially when she started speaking Korean.

Regarding her career as a Youtuber, Han Yoora who moved to Indonesia since 1st grade of junior high school admitted that she initially started without any serious purpose. She first opened the YouTube channel because of a friend who often asked for an explanation of K-pop music. Hence, the friend thinks Han Yoora has entertainment talents and introduces K-Pop music to a wider platform.

“At first, filming at least three times, five times, and must be edited again. When I uploaded it, even though the comments were only one or two, I was very grateful,” said the girl who had accompanied actor Jin Goo while visiting Indonesia at few years ago.

Han Yoora also acknowledged that her name is getting better known after appearing on the video ‘Cewek Cantik vs Cewek Jelek’. The video by Last Day Production has been watched by more than 8.6 million times. ana

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