Woow!! The Blooming Sakura-Look-Alike Tabebuya Amused Surabaya Citizens

Tabebuya is blooming along the streets in Surabaya.

iniSURABAYA – “Surabaya looks like spring time in Japan!”

“Sakura is blooming in Surabaya!”

“It looks really like sakura flower. Let’s protect it together guys! Bravo Surabaya.”

“Whoa! Look at those flowers, so magnificent! It really looks like the sakura flower in Japan. It would be better if the wavy road is fixed.”

Bunch proud comments about the blooming Tabebuya is spreading all over the social media, specially Twitter. Quoting from Surabaya Government Public Relation Department official social media account @BanggaSurabaya, Surabaya citizens are enjoying the beauty of the blooming flower all around Surabaya.

Some even suggested to plant more Tabebuya in order to make Surabaya has many good photo spots and mesmerizing tourism object spot at once. “As I was passing Jemursari-Jemur Andayani T-junction, I was so surprised to see the flowers. Maybe it would be even better to provide a special park for this kind of plant to grow,” wrote @ZaPylori.

But despite all the compliments, there are some critic from the citizens when it comes to the flowers to fall which considered as a not-so-good-looking view. “The flower is indeed beautiful, but to be honest, the fallen flowers made it looks less catchy,” commented @kondangtitis.

Inisurabaya.com also acquired some more information, Tabebuya (Chrysotricha) is a plant which originally comes from Brazil. The flower is indeed looks like sakura, thus many people often called it Sakura instead.

The following benefits about Tabebuya tree such as, the leaf itself is not easy to fall, and the flowers are not just looking beautiful but also lushly in the blooming season, plus the strong root will not ruin walls nor houses.

Tabebuya tree is originally from dry climate region, so it has a high survival even though in drought condition. This fact is instead brought another benefit for this plant itself, because in greening process during dry season, most plants are most likely to be less frequently watered.

This tree is a kind of popular decorative plant which can grow in any kinds of soil in subtropical and tropical regions. It’s not that difficult to take care of Tabebuya tree, it only needs some trimming for the broken or dead branch. Pests and diseases are less likely to infect tropical tree.

There are two popular kinds of Tabebuya trees as a decorative plant, there are yellow Tabebuya which can grow to 8 metres tall and also pink Tabebuya. sum

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