Here’s Some Rules and What to Say While Eating Ye Shang

iniSURABAYA – Ye Shang or Chinese Salad is a speial dish that always served during the Chinese New Year. A menu made to enjoy with one big family consist of mixed ingredients such as colourful fruits and vegetables. It also has various flavours, sweet, salty, sour, bitter and spicy.

Consuming Ye Shang is not just a matter of taking a bite, there are rules you should do during having this meal. Started off with squeezung a lime on the salmon skin while uttering wishes in Mandarin, ‘Da Ji Da Li’, which means ‘Great luck, great profit’.

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Then sprinkle the salmon skin on Ye Shang while saying out loud ‘Nian Nian You Yu’ which means ‘May this year filled with abundance’. After that sprinkle the pepper while mention ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’ or ‘Happy New Year’.

Hold on, it’s not over yet, next step is to pour a cooking oil on Ye Shang while saying ‘Wan Shi Ru Yi’ means ‘May all the hopes be fulfilled’. After pouring the oil, pour some honey too while saying ‘Tian Tian Mi Mi’, means ‘May this year one’s family blessed with harmony’.

Then, sprinkle some crackers too while uttering ‘Bian Di Huang Jin’, which means ‘May this year fulfilled with abundance of gold’.

Last but not least, the whole family members gathered around Ye Shang and stir it up the whole ingredients together while saying ‘Lo Hei’, which means ‘Let’s stir’.

While stiring the whole ingredients with chopstics, there’s one moment when everyone raised up Ye Shang high while pronounce ‘Zhu Da Jia Lao Sheng lao Dao Feng Sheng Shui Qi’ that means ‘May everyone long life and fulfilled with prosperous,’

A philosophy behind mixing up the hole ingredients is that the whole members of family support each other in life whether in good or bad times.

Meanwhile raising the Ye Shang up high also has a specific meaning, that is all the hopes to get more fortune. Ye Shang is part of a Family Reunion Dinner package which offered to the guests to welcome the New Year of Earth Pig.

Any various menus which served at Ah Yat Abalone Forum from 4-19 February 2019 in Java Paragon Hotel & Residences can be enjoyed for Rp 5.988.000++, Rp 7.988.000++ and Rp 11.888.000++ per-table for 10 people. sum  

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