Waacking A New Dance Trend From The Club To Collaborate With Traditional Music

iniSURABAYA – Waacking is completely different with breakdance. Even though there are some same moves, these two dances were ‘born’ from a different community.

“Waacking is not even a streetdance. Waacking came from a night club,” said Suzan Natanael, one of the founder of Nusanara Waackers.

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The point of waacking moves are focusing on the hand movement, body pose and face expressions. “The main moves are interpreting the song with both hands,” stated Angelenzy who’s also active in Nusantara Waackers

Sunday (16/2/2019) evening, Suzan Natanael and Angelenzy were becoming judges for ‘Love Is In The Air Hip-Hop Battle Dance’. The event which hosted by Yello Hotel Jemursari Surabaya was attended by 60 participants from different cities namely Sidoarjo, Surabaya, Malang and also Jakarta.

According to Suzan, waacking was first known by the people of Los Angeles, The United States. And has just entered Indonesia in 2010

Even though it came from the West, Angelenzy continued, waacking dance doesn’t have to use the background music from the country of Uncle Sam. 

“Waacking can be collaborated with traditional music too,” she stated.

The combonation of both waacking and traditional music was performed in some events that they have joined in some countries. “We have joined an event in Singapore in 2016 and in Japan, 2018. We used traditional music from Bali as our background dance music,” revealed Suzan.

Therefore, Angelenzy continued, the music composition of waacking can be vary. “Waacking can be accompanied by many kinds of music depend on the concept,” said Angelenzy.

‘Love Is In The Air Hip-Hop Battle Dance’ which was held at a three-star-hotel in Jl Jemursari Surabaya presented some categories in the competition such as Open Style and 7 To Smoke.

As a form of support to those who suffer from cancer, all of the participants and together with the crews pinned a red ribbon, some are wearing red or pink clothes. The participants were also sending their supports by writing down their hopes for them then posted it on the Wall Of Expression at the lobby. 

“Dance is one of a universal expression, it has to be easy to understand. Through this event we also wanted to invite all the young people to be aware of cancer and to conduct their positive spirit well,” stated Ita Tania, General Manager of Yello Hotel Jemursari. sum 

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