Wonderloft Hostel, A Place To Get Yourself New Friends and Experiences to Explore Jakarta Together

iniSURABAYA | JAKARTA – Staying in a hostel is just an ordinary thing for solo travelers. Affordable price and fair facilities are pretty normal for them because they most likely to spend their time outside the hostel to explore around the city. 

But a hostel which located in Jl. Bank No. 6 Kota Tua, West Jakarta is instead made its both local and international guests happy to stay inside the hostel.

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Even though it’s located right next to the most popular attraction area in Jakarta, most of Wonderloft Hostel guests are quite comfortable to spend their time inside the hostel instead.

The comfortableness not just come from the entertainment facilities provided in the hostel such as cable TV in common room complete with a set of sofa and air conditioning.

In addition, this hostel management also provides some interactive games namely pool foosball and dart for example. For those who love music can also play some good music in their free time with the guitar and cajon provided.

“Wonderloft Hostel intends to provide many kinds of facilities for the travellers so that they feel happy and enjoy during their stay here,” said Anissa, Wonderloft team.

In line with Anissa’s statement, Ismi and Abi her team mates also admit that in order to boost up the family like atmosphere, they always interact with the guests. “We always invite them to play the pool, cards or even sing together,” said Abi happily.

The three of them often engage the guests to join their free tour exploring the Old Town or even visiting some historical places. This Chinese New Year for instance, on a festival which happen to be held in Tuesday (5/2/2019) they brought some guests to visit the nearby China Town in Glodog area.

These benefits become more appealing for the travellers. Cindy Sinaga, a student of Law Studies in Atmajaya University for example, her random decision to stay for few nights as a solo traveller in Wonderloft Hostel brought her to be friends with the other guests.

“It’s rare to find a cheap hostel in Jakarta which has such good quality of facilities for the guests, besides, the staffs are really friendly. All the guests are like friends to me, so I don’t feel so alone here,” she said.

Park Yeonwoo, a traveller from South Korea who stays in Malaysia for work also agreed to Cindy’s statement, he even felt satisfied with the hospitality in Wonderloft Hostel.

“To travel abroad to Jakarta was quite boring and enough by only one time. However, I could feel satisfied with staying at Wonderloft Hostel because I can easily make friends with other guest here. I’m gonna miss this hostel,” said Park. sum

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