Celebrates The 35th Anniversary, Pizza Hut Gives Away 35 Percent Discount

iniSURABAYA.com – In order to celebrate the 35th anniversary, Pizza Hut gives away a special promo for all the customers. The promo is valid to use in any days for dine-in, take away and delivery. It also includes free extra cheese for all pizzas except Delight Sensation Pizza.

Other than that, there’s also 35 percent promo of free extra cheese for certain pastas such as beef lasagna, heese – Beef Sussilli, Chicken Cannelloni from Monday to Friday, 2 PM to 5 PM only valid for dine-in transaction.

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“Those two promos are valid until April 28th, 2019,” said Stephen James McCarthy, President Director of PT Sarimelati Kencana Tbk.

According to Stephen, Pizza Hut the leading mid casual dining restaurant offers an unforgettable experience with the best affordable pizza. 


“Over the past 35 years, Pizza Hut has become the number 1 pizza restaurant brand in Indonesia thanks to the loving support and participation of Indonesian employees and families who are our loyal customers.” said he at the media gathering of 35th Pizza Hut ‘Berbagi Bahagia Bersama Indonesia’ in Cakrawala Tower Jakarta, Wednesday (27/3/2019)

Furthermore, Stephen stated, Pizza Hut continues to innovate to create toppings and border. The innovation of pizza toppings produces a menu that is a favorite of pizza lovers in Indonesia until now, such as Meat Lovers, Super Supreme, Cheese Burger, and many more.

Not to forget the innovation of the pizza border which increasingly graced the menu at Pizza Hut. As of 1984 presented in Indonesia, Pizza Hut menus are preferred from generation to generation.

Started off with a signature border from Pan Pizza, which was presented since Pizza Hut’s first debut in Indonesia in 1984, then followed by Stuffed Crust Keju (2003), Stuffed Crust Sosis (2004), Cheesybites (2007), Crown Crust (2009) dan Black Pan Pizza (2018).

Not only offering pizzas. Pizza Hut also serves many kinds of ala carte menu such as pasta, rice, fresh salad, appetizers and desserts, also various kinds of beverages. Besides being able to enjoy the meal at the restaurant Pizza Hut also serves takeaway orders and also delivery orders. sum

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