Making Sustainable Handmade Soap Is Easy and Fun! – Soap is familiar in our everyday life. But have you ever wonder how to make it? And which sustainable materials create a handmade soap that will decompose easily as it streams down the river or the soil?

“It’s super fun,” said Melitta, 22, one of the participant of Natural Soap Handmade Workshop which was held at the Ciputra World Surabaya Atrium, Saturday (13/4/2019).

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Melitta who is also a housewife admitted that it was her first time to join workshop of making handmade soap. “I’m very glad to know that all the materials used are natural. I’m also curious to know how to make it,” she added.

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Together with the other participants they followed the guide from the Instructur, Iconic. Melita said, “It turns out making handmade soap is not difficult at all, but it takes a lot of energy indeed because we got to stir it for a long time,”

Even so, Melitta added that the making of the soap itself is indeed fun. “I know most of the materials, but I need to learn more about the technique. If I have spare time at home I surely will try to make it,” she stated.

Meanwhile to, Alexius Erik Charlex, the Founder of Iconic stated that all the materials for making the soap can easily be found at the stores. These are the following materials needed for making the handmade soap, oil, NA/LEY salt, and lavender, lemon, betel nut and jasmin oil essence can be used as the scent.

Whilst rice, oatmeal, charcoal or certain kind of flour for scrub are normally used for molding the texture. And as for the soap colour are using the natural colouring materials or food colouring products.

“The making of the soap needs a long time to be done. Because it’ll determine the quality of the soap itself. The longer you keep the soap, the better quality it has,” he said. sum

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