Tanamera Coffee to Open Its New Branch in West Surabaya

iniSURABAYA.com – Only eight months after its opening store in North Surabaya, Tanamera Coffee is now embracing coffee lovers who reside in West Surabaya.

There are many different concepts between Tanamera Coffee in North Surabaya and in West Surabaya. “We have all day dining in the new opening store which starts from 6 AM to 12 AM. But on weekends we’re open till 1 AM,” said Cynthia Ariestapuspa, the owner of Tanamera Coffe.

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According to a woman who’s familiarly called Puspa, the operational hours is indeed extended due to the high request from the customers.

“So for those who want to grab their breakfast here, they can get the main course too. The customers can also have dinner, moreover if they want to chill at the cafe after dinner, they can still enjoy our coffee until midnight,” she added.

The other difference is at the area of both places. In North Surabaya the cafe is located at an old building inside House of Sampoerna, whilst the South Suarbaya cafe is located in a brand new place with indoor and outdoor areas.

“We also have Coffee Bar to let the customers get to experience watching our baristas serving the coffee and also both are able to share knowledge about Indonesian coffee from Sabang to Marauke,” stated she.

Puspa added, “Coffees in Tanamera Coffee are served in Espresso Based, Manual Brew and Cold Brew Crew. Beside tha there is also Coffee Beans, Coffee Drip and Coffee Capsules.

According to Puspa, Tanamera Coffee also provides VIP Room for private gathering of company or family event. “We are not just serving coffee here. Our customers can also choose any main course and Indonesian snacks which can be enjoyed by everyone, such as Lapis Surabaya and cireng (West Java’s snack),” she said. sum

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