Tells About Universal Love Story, This is How They Make ‘Ave Maryam’ – After being through a long process, ‘Ave Maryam’ the movie is finally released simultaneously in all theatres since Thursday (11/4/2019). A movie which starred by Chicco Jerikho and Maudy Koesnaedi tells about a universal love story with Catholic religion background.

According to the movie director, Ertanto Robby Soediskam, the reason why he made this movie is mainly because there’s a will that challenged himself to make a religious themed movie.

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“Indonesia has several religions, so why not making a movie about another religion?” stated the director as met before ‘Ave Maryam’ screening at Studio XXI Surabaya Town Square, Monday (15/4/2019).

The director’s desire of making a movie with different religion as a base story is regarding the real condition of ‘Unity In Diversity’ in Indonesia.

“Why should we wait for other people to make it happen?” he uttered as he revealed his own feelings that come up before making such an extraordinary movie. 

Robby subsequently did a deep research in Semarang. “I went to Semarang because it’s an exquisite place,” he said at the press conference in TS Suite Hotel Surabaya.

In that city, Robby continued, he met and talked a lot with Father Budi. Then he continued his research in some other cities in Central Java.

“At that time I still got no idea popped up about a story. But after meeting and having a deep talk with certain religious leaders there, I finally go it,” he said.

He emphasized, ‘Ave Maryam’ is not a religious movie. Even though the background storry tells about a life of a Catholic Nun, the movie which only took 9 days in the making is mainly talking about a universal love story and loyalty.

Robby explaind, the names that are used in the movie was purely fiction. Even if Father Yosef which starred by Chicco Jerikho, and Sister Maryam (Maudy Koesnaedi) that’s all because he thought that those names have such certain of power. sum

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