Bapake Keiko Stole the Attention at Royal Plaza, Take a Look at These Spammers’ Messages to Surabaya Netizens

iniSURABAYA – The grand opening of De Pony at the 3rd floor, Royal Plaza Surabaya on Sunday (9/9/2018) was full of excitement. The crowds were cheering as their favourite sensational Instagram and YouTube spammers came to greet them.

Who doesn’t know Naya and Keiko? These two famous spammers are quite well-known to the millennials in Indonesia, especially in Surabaya.

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No wonder their presence at the department store was welcomed by the hundreds of enthusiastic fans at the 2nd floor Royal Plaza. The visitors around 9 to 15 years old were pushing each other to the edge of the stage.

The visitors on the left and right side of the stage had shown the same enthusiasm though the fence was limiting them from getting closer to the stage.

“Bapake….Naya…..Keiko!” the fans were screaming to get those spammers’ attention.

Naya and Keiko were accompanied by their parents, “Nowadays, we can’t avoid not to use the internet. Many informative things we could get from the internet,” told Willy, Keiko’s dad.

According to Willy, he always gives his daughter a chance to use the internet after school, “She must be very exhausted, so to make her entertained I let her use the internet after school. But only till 9 PM or at least no later than 9.30 PM, then after that they’re going to have their bed time. I make sure they have enough sleep so they aren’t tired at school,” he explained.

Even though willingly giving a chance for their children to use the internet, Willy as well as Imee, Naya’s mother admitted that she always supervises her children, “Supervision is indeed important, because despite the positive information there are still so many hoax that spread over the internet,” Willy said.

Imee uttered the same opinion, “Parents are indeed has to supervise the children as they use the internet. There’s nothing wrong to always get curious and watch over what they’re doing online,” she stated.

The excitement of Meet and Greet with the spammers’ event continued with the dancing competition. As teens of dancers shown their talent dancing to modern music, Imee and Naya were watching all of them as the jury. The winners of this competition got the chance to take pictures together with their idols at the De Pony grand opening event.

“We intentionally have those spammers coming in to our event since they have numerous fans. We do hope that they could share some positive vibes and valuable information to the audiences,” said Rachel Caroline, as one of the owner of De Pony. sum

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