After A Huge Success in Surabaya, Kaesang Pangarep Aims These Countries To Broaden His Sang Pisang Business

iniSURABAYA – Sang Pisang Store by Kaesang Pangarep has already been available in eight locations. Other than Surabaya, Sang Pisang can also be found in Jakarta, Makassar, Bandung, Palembang, Pare-Pare, Cikini and Lampung.

In Surabaya, the 12th store is located in a shophouse Jl. Tenggilis 34 C. “In Surabaya we will add one more store in Pucang region integrated with Gibran’s business,” said Kaesang.

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Always be optimistic, is a business strategy of the last son of Joko Widodo and Iriana. Kaesang has also set his target for Sang Pisang sales to reach 1000 boxes in a day.

“In 2018 Sang Pisang will be spread in 300 stores all over Indonesia,” he uttered.

For the banana supply, Kaesang get it straight from Lumajang and Lampung. “I can get a lot of suppliers from Lumajang with competitive price. About the quality, all bananas in Indonesia are good,” he confirmed.

When being asked about the role of his older brother, Gibran and his father, Jokowi, Kaesang stated that the business he runs right now was built by himself. “Gibran is very quiet kind of person, let alone giving me any recommendation,” said him as he simultaneously joking around.

Meanwhile, the business runs by his father has a different concept. “I do the modern business, while my dad’s more into conventional or industrial business since it’s dealing with furniture. So, he also gave me no guidance,” he added. 

Other than Sang Pisang, Kaesang has been started another digital business such as Madhang, Sang Javas T-Shirt and Trust, also Board Game.

About Sang Pisang, Kaesang confirmed that he will expand to other countries. So far, he’s aiming the expansion to Philippines, Vietnam and Laos.

“In Philippines, we have just reached 5 percent of preparation,” he said.

Sang Pisang products price starts from Rp 20.000 plus Rp 5.000 for costumers who want addition topping.

“It tastes delicious and crispy at once, I will come again tomorrow for sure and try different topping,” said Monica, one of the Sang Pisang costumer.

About the price, another costumer, Suyati, said that the pricing is normal. “I saw this product on instagram,” she said.  sum

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