‘2915 Miles’, A Love Song Of A Long Distance Relationship Surabaya-Melbourne

Louisa Zais

iniSURABAYA – Maintaining a love story that separated by distance and time is indeed a big challenge. More over for those who are living in the other part of the world for nine years.

“They have been dating for nine years and been maintaining their long distance relationship, between Surabaya and Melbourne for six years,” said a young musician Louisa Zais to inisurabaya.com.

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The power of love between her brother and her sister-in-law is what got her create a song titled ‘2915 Miles’. “Loyalty needs a strong commitment to keep, otherwise there will be no togetherness,” said the first daughter of two siblings.

A young lady who’s also known as Louisa Ribbonacci also mentioned, her brother and his girlfriend often communicate through phone call.

“The time gap made my brother stays up late because he’s always on the phone with his girlfriend around that time for hours,” she explained.

According to Louisa, being able to manage the struggle in a relationship needs a celebration. Because not everyone can overcome the struggle, said this lady who’s also a fashion designer.

“I personally don’t think myself could manage to handle if I’m in such condition. A strong commitment is nothing without a sacrifice,” she said repeatedly.

In addition, she said, ‘2915 Miles’ is not just about a condition that her brother and her sister-in-law are having but also represents herself being far away from her house in Surabaya. “When I’m in Melbourne, I can’t help but missing my homeland, Indonesia,” she said.

Other than ‘2915 Miles’ she also created three other compositions while she’s in the land of the Kangaroo, such as, ‘Christmas Miracle’ and ‘I’m Dreaming’. Louisa admitted that she just needed an hour or two to create her masterpieces. And her ideas just popped up randomly at any time.

She recalled, there was one time she created a song which the idea came out as she was driving a car. So at that time, she directly pulled over and wrote down her spontaneous ideas. sum

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