These ‘Horror Menu’ by Ottimo International Master Gourmet Academy Will Freak You Out!

iniSURABAYA – “Is this really just a cake? It looks like a real human brain, with all of its scratches and curves,”

“The shape itself is absolutely frightening. At a first glance I was disgusted, but then I was curious to know how it tastes like. After I took a few bites, wow, it was unexpectedly delicious,”

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These kind of reactions was uttered by some visitors in V-Junction 3rd floor Ciputra World Surabaya on Wednesday (10/24). Bunch of visitors swarmed around the stage to watch the cooking demonstration of ‘horror cake’ by students of Ottimo the International Master Gourmet Academy.

There are 10 students contributed to create the pastry, they named their creations such as Scary Donuts, Halloween Cupcakes, Eyeball Cake Pops and Brownies Mummies.

Other than pastry, they also make Culinary Art in many kinds of shapes like, Toxic Mac and Cheese, Stuffed Bell Pepper, Chopped Finger with Bun, Fettucine Mummies and Rotten Eggs. Beside the dish creation, beverages also available such as Witch Potion and Black Death.

Witch Potion is a green poisoned drink, the compositions are melon syrup, soda water, whip cream, basil seeds and gel. Whilst Black Death, is an alcoholic drink which colour looks like blood with triple sec (citrus), Coca-Cola, condensed milk and merinique as the ingredients.

“We use spinach and peas for the colouring,” said Chef Arya Putra Sunjaya, Senior Lecturer Culinary Art of the Ottimo International Master Gourmet Academy.

As the blood-looking red colour, he added, were coming from dragon fruit sauce or beetroot sauce, “Tomato sauce is too mainstream. Through this creation I want to show that to get the red blood-looking red colour can come in many ways,” he confirmed.

Halloweennation is presented by Ciputra World Surabaya to celebrate the moment of Halloween, which will be held for two weeks start from Wednesday (10/24) to Sunday (11/4). Other than ‘Horror menu’ cooking demo by Ottimo International Master Gourmet Academy, JAC School will also be performing on Frifay (10/26/2018).

In addition, there will be Peek A Boo School Performance, Creepy Scary SFX Make Up Workshop by Lasalle College Surabaya and Halloween Costume Competition on Saturday (10/27). ARTV Halloween Festival will be performed on Sunday (10/28) in Halloweenation. sum

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