Breaking the Boundaries, JW Marriott Surabaya Presents the Incredible Chocolate Dinner

70% Dark Chocolate Braised Duck Vietnamese Roll

iniSURABAYA – JW Marriott Surabaya is hosting an incredible chocolate dinner to change the perception that chocolate is all about the dessert. Our Executive Chef, Andri Aryono, has created a unique 7-course dinner menu to show that chocolate is more than a sweet treat. Allow Chef Andri to take our guests on a culinary journey, classic cuisines infused with the pride of Indonesian artisanal chocolate.

With a distinctive and pronounced taste, Krakakoa has won six medals in total at the 2017 Academy of Chocolate (AOC) Awards in the United Kingdom. At Krakakoa, they believe that Indonesian farmers can play a big role in the high-end quality product market of the world.

They also believe that the environment needs always to be protected as we move forward to pursue economic development of its local community. Manufacturing and processing is an important contributor to economic growth and therefore Krakakoa has a mission to put their beliefs into action and be leaders in sustainable growth and production of Cacao beans. Krakakao’s goal is the wellbeing of the environment & empowerment of the people who depend on it for sustenance.

We will start the culinary journey with the Seared Scallop, Coconut & Cashew Cacao Nibs. These Atlantic scallops are served marinated & seared with a vinaigrette edamame dressing & a blend of smoky coconut and cashew cacao nibs. This uncharacteristic pairing demonstrates Chef Andri’s forte for modern European culinary techniques to produce bold new flavors.

Chef Andri’s strong culinary roots have inspired him to ensure that his ingredients and produce hail from the finest sources, which is clearly exhibited in the Orange Salad with Sea Salt and Pepper Chocolate
This delicate Salad is served with a classic pairing of baby green mesclun, green frisée, citrus foam and balsamic glacier with Pacitan oranges. This dish displays a deft balance of complex flavors, with the addition of Krakakao’s special sea salt and peppered chocolate blend.

This dish is paired with Lindeman’s Bin 75 Riesling, which elevates the sweet dark chocolate richness along with the freshness of the home-made orange salad.

The warm and comforting Cream of Chestnut Soup with Ginger Chocolate 52 percent Cocoa is served traditionally in a singed coconut shell. Guests are encouraged to experiment with the ginger chocolate ‘croutons’ for an added level of sweetness and complexity. The fifth item on the menu is the 70% Dark Chocolate Braised Duck Vietnamese Roll. Sliced crispy duck is complimented with a caramelized onion, apple, jicama and fresh fig wrapping.

For the pièce de résistance Andri will serve up his signature Cinnamon Dark Chocolate Rubbed Grilled Beef Tenderloin which will take our guests to a place they have never been before – the infusion of high grade beef filet with an equally impressive cinnamon dark chocolate. This gastronomical wonder of a dish is best enjoyed with a glass of Lindeman’s Bin 80 Cabernet Merlot.

For the grand finale, our guests will indulge their taste buds with the Krakakoa Chili Chocolate Souffle, topped with pistachio crumble and homemade passion fruit ice cream. To complement the sweetness, this delightful dessert will be paired with a glass of Lindeman’s Bin 46 Sweet. *

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